244 M
$1 Billion
The value of US Startups established by immigrants
10.5 M
The number of immigrants to the US in 2015
The number of successful immigration applications administered last year by CIS
Putting Your Future On Track

CIS Applications specializes in VISA and work permit processing for potential immigrants. We employ teams of experienced immigration specialists and lawyers – each focusing on a specific countries, its needs and requirements – providing immigrants with country-specific services professionally and courteously.

Many countries in the developed world are experiencing the detrimental effects of an ageing population – namely an urgent need for trained professionals in a wide range of fields. The increasing complexity of data processing, on the other hand, has raised the need for specialized services to assist potential immigrants in following their dreams and making a better life for themselves and their children.

Let us help you find the best location, based on a professional assessment, and make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Live Abroad in 5 Easy Steps

1. Create Your Account
Fill in your comprehensive online assessment.
2. Get Counseling
Our experienced immigration consultants are on hand.
3. Choose Destination
Explore the immigration options that best suit your potential.
4. Prepare Application
Our legal team will prepare & validate your documents.
5. Arrange & Submit
Let our licensed immigration agents launch you to success.
Ensuring Successful Transitions

The most successful relocations are those where the candidate is assured an independent means of income and the best possible living standards for both parents and children. At CIS-APPLICATION, we have compiled one of the most extensive data-bases in the industry, which is constantly updated with the latest rules, regulations and opportunities open to you, the potential immigrant.

To match your needs and requirements with those of your future host country, we employ a diverse team of relocation experts, legal professionals and experienced facilitators. Their experience with government officials across 4 continents places us in the unique position of making your move as smooth and successful as humanly possible.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a nuclear physicist, we will provide you with the answers, the assistance and the ability to go wherever your potential can be put to the best use possible.

Immigration Opportunities

“CIS-APPLICATION were instrumental in my success. They made my dream come true, and they did it in the most courteous and cost efficient manner possible.”

Justine Adams, 24 | Ireland

“There was no way I could have afforded the services of a high-priced lawyer. CIS-APPLICATION enabled me to create a life for myself and my children that could never have been otherwise possible.”

Abed Al Batz – 32, Himachal Pradesh

“I am so grateful to Mr. Johansen at CIS-APPLICATION for allowing my husband and my children and myself to be so helpful towards those I love most.”

Geraldine-May Fabrizzio-Torrezo – 28, Manilla

“It’s true that you make your own future, but CIS-APPLICATION has been one heck of a sharp tool.”

Grant Tinkelrand – 44, Bloemfontein