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Human immigration has certainly changed in the 70,000 years since the first Homo Sapiens moved from Africa into Asia and Europe. In some cases, the host country changed (witness the emergence of the Anglo-Saxon culture in the 5th Century; in most other cases, though, it meant an upheaval in the life of the immigrant – for better or (rarely) for worse. Humans have nearly always migrated due to a lack of resources in their source country, be it food, opportunity or freedom. In many cases, the promise for future generations outweighed the hardships of the pioneer – a promise that sent over 50 million Europeans to America throughout the 19th Century.

Today, we don’t need to make a hazardous journey across raging sees in the hope that – should we survive the voyage – we will somehow find food and shelter in a strange country amidst inhospitable natives. Today, host countries need working hands more than ever before: be it an aging population in Europe, a need for skilled labor in the US or even a growing thirst for unskilled personnel in the oil-rich nations of the Persian Gulf.

CIS-APPLICATION was created expressly as a facilitator – an agency that matches requirements and needs on both sides of the relocation equation. What does the émigré have to offer? What are the needs of the potential host countries? And how can we make the process easier for both parties? Unlike VISA services, it is our intention to service the host countries no less than the potential émigré – after all, with aging populations across most of the developed world, working hands and professionals are in shortage nearly everywhere. Unless the entire economy of the western world is to collapse under the weight of rising numbers of retires, these countries too must find their way back into creative production.

As a result, CIS-APPLICATION does not take a lump payment for a service it cannot promise. Instead, we have devised a Pay-As-U-Go system, where you only pay for the administration of the processing stage you have achieved - begin by taking our free assessment, then have it evaluated by an expert. Once a match is made, we will help you collate the material necessary and prepare your application. And, finally, we will make the application through one of our locally affiliated agents or immigration lawyers.

Most members of our staff are – in fact – experienced agents themselves who know the pitfalls, how to avoid them and how to take the quickest route to success.

Contact us to find out more, or enter your details in our ELIGIBILITY CALCULATOR to see how high your relocation quotient is.