Accompanying Spouse/Child Visas

Immigration - a family matter

Different countries have different regulations for accompanying families, though few seek to cause a separation or other form of family tension. US visa law, for example, does not recognize common-law relationships, such as life partners or fiancées. You must be formally married. Australia, on the other hand, recognizes same-sex partners – anyone with whom the main applicant has been living for at least 12 months.

Both there and in many other countries (the list is subject to change), accompanying spouses/partners will get a work permit if the main applicant is on a working visa.

The US’s B2 visa, for example (that is the accompanying spouse visa adjoining a B1 business visa), must be renewed at 6-month intervals; in other places, the accompanying visa is renewed alongside the main applicant’s visa.

In Australia, bringing children can be a costly option, since the applicant must prove he/she has sufficient funds for school fees, in addition to other expenses.

Find out the precise requirements for your accompanying spouse/child.

In most countires, sponsoring family visas is enabled by levels of proximity – spouses and children first, parents, then siblings and so forth. The primary visa holder, though, must usually fulfil age requirements. However, care must be taken. For example, in the UK, a resident alien who overstays abroad (to care for a sick parent, for example) may be denied re-entry, thereby causing a domestic split.

On the other hand, ‘family reunification’ is often sufficient rason to provide family members with a visa in order to reunite with a family member already residing in a host country. In fact, 75% of all new immigrants to the US do so on the basis of family reunification.

Marriage migration is a sub-clause of family reunification that has come under the spotlight in recent years, due to the ills of human trafficking.

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