Immigration Daily – Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia welcome immigrants but Australia reacts to illegal immigration and Trump’s immigration crackdown sees obstacles.

Immigrate to Nova Scotia, Canada. (CBC news. 3/1/2018)

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia says that close to 4000 immigrants settled there during 2017, most of them from China, India and the Philippines. This is down from 2016 when over 5000 immigrants made Nova Scotia their home. According to the provincial government, 85 percent of Nova Scotians believe that immigrants have a positive impact on the province. The problem though is poverty amongst immigrants. Child poverty is high as is poor housing. The province also does not have enough family doctors to cater for the population growth.

Australia reacts to illegal immigration. (The Daily Telegraph. 3/1/18)

The Australian Department of Home Affairs says that more than 60,000 foreign students and tourists are ‘hiding’ in Australia. The department is asking landlords and childcare centers to verify visas before they accept children or rent out apartments. They are also demanding tougher screening before people can open a bank account or get a driver’s licence.

Obstacles for Trump’s immigration crackdown. (Financial Times. 4/1/18)

Promises to tackle immigration in all its aspects was a central pillar of the Trump election campaign. A year into his presidency, has he been delivering? Statistics show an increase in arrests of undocumented immigrants within the USA, but the travel ban from several Moslem majority countries has been thwarted every step of the way by the courts and the wall along the Mexico border is still to be built.