Immigration News – Monday, December 18, 2017

The dangerous road through the Canadian wilds, USA H-1B visa holders fear for their future and in Britain, farmers feel pinch of missing workers

The dangerous road through the Canadian wilds. ( 12/16/2017)

Refugees fleeing the USA. Amazing but it is happening. Migrants uncertain of their future in Donald Trump’s US are trekking the long US-Canada border on foot, sure in the knowledge that if they enter Canada illegally they won’t be sent back. Small border towns on the Canadian side are on the front line. Refugees can easily get lost in the vast Canadian prairie they say, with some of them succumbing to hypothermia. The influx is overwhelming Canadian authorities.

Spouses of H-1B visa holders fear for their future. (Independent. 12/03/17)

The anti-immigrant policies of the US Federal Government continues, with the Trump administration considering the removal of the Obama era H-1B visa rule that allows the spouse of H-1B visa holders to work in the US. A H-1B visa is given to foreign workers who are graduates. The Department of Homeland Security has announced that it will review the effectiveness of the rule, wanting US enterprise to give preference to American workers. No dates have been given.

British farmers feel pinch of missing migrant workers. (New York Times, 12/16/17)

In the UK, the Brexit debate continues, with new calls over the weekend for a second referendum. Migrant workers are also having their say, with many of them voting with their feet away from their uncertainty of a country where they feel, they are not wanted. The primary victims are farms who unable to find temporary workers are facing massive losses in the unpicked produce. Migration to Britain in the year ending June 2017, fell by 106,000, the largest fall in any 12 month period since records began in 1964.