Immigration News – Monday, December 4, 2017

Proposal to terminate immigration preference given to relatives of Americans, exploitation of migrants in New Zealand and parts of Britain feel the bite of Brexit.

Proposal to terminate immigration preference given to relatives of Americans (Fox News, 12/01/2017)

The White House’s anti-immigration policies are stepped up a notch with action to be taken against what is known as “chain immigration”. According to numbers released by the White House, during the years 2005 to 2015, America accepted 9.3 new immigrants based on family ties. This say officials, is more than 70 percent of all immigration during the period. It is being proposed to terminate the preference given to immigrant applications from people who have relatives already in the USA. Countries that could be affected are Mexico, India the Philippines and Iran.

Unfortunate consequences of Kiwi attraction (, 12/01/17 & newsroom 12/03/17)

The New Zealand Silver Fern process is aimed at highly skilled young people who in the words of the New Zealand Immigration website “want to live and work” in the country. Such is the demand to move to Kiwi that on November 30th, the site couldn’t cope with the amount of incoming traffic and went out of action. In more evidence of migrant interest in moving to New Zealand, evidence is reported of fraud and exploitation of migrants. Especially at risk are students who as is reported, may work for 70 or even 80 hours for free or for slave-labor salaries, out of desperation for residence visas.

Parts of Britain feel the bite of Brexit. (The Guardian, 12/02/17)

More evidence of the painful side effects of Brexit. Migration of EU citizens to large parts of Britain has ground to a halt. Data considered by the Institute for Public Policy Research shows that many parts of England such as the North-West, have seen sharp declines in the numbers of incoming European migrants. London and Scotland on the other hand, saw a new increase in migrant numbers.