Immigration News – Monday, January 15, 2018

Is Canada reaching its immigration limits? UK should scrap migration target and foreign volunteers in New Zealand found to have been exploited.

Is Canada reaching its limits? (New York Times. 13/1/2018)

Ever since US immigration policy has become less welcoming to immigrants, people who fear they might be deported from the USA have been flocking (illegally) to Canada. Canadian officials are warning that Canada is reaching breaking point, with a backlog of 40,700 illegal immigration cases waiting to be heard by the Immigration and Refugee Board.

UK should scrap migration target. (BBC News. 15/1/18)

British MPs are arguing that the government should scrap the target of reducing net migration to the tens of thousands because the failure to meet the target undermines public trust. Annual net migration to the UK is currently 230,000. The target of reducing it to tens of thousands was set by David Cameron in 2010, but this figure has never been met. MPs are recommending the UK switches to a Canada-like points system.

New Zealand volunteers exploited. (Scoop. 11/1/18)

An organic farm near Christchurch in New Zealand, has been found to have been exploiting thousands of travelers to have breached the rights of workers it said were volunteers by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA). Rather than enjoying a genuine volunteer experience, these people were exploited as free labor. Evidence uncovered showed that the ‘volunteers’ were working up to 40 hours per week, being paid $120 per week in addition to food and accommodation, regardless of hours worked.