Immigration News – Monday, November 13, 2017

Australian real estate gets hot, Dubai scamming migrant workers, and DACA deal done … nearly.

DACA Deal Done … nearly (NumbersUSA, 10/11/2017)

Republicans are putting the finishing touches to a proposal that would provide amnesty for DACA recipients in return for new enforcement measures. These would include ending the DV program and chain migration, and making E-Veirfy mandatory25 Democratic representatives have sworn to oppose an upcoming government spending bill if proposals do not include a complete amnesty for all DACA recipients (Dreamers). Meanwhile, former Defense Sec. Robert Gates called for automatic citizenship for undocumented immigrants who serve (or have served) in the military. During his tenure, 45,000 immigrants serving in the military were granted citizenship.

Australian Real Estate Gets Hot (QueenlandCountryLife.Com, 13/11/2017)

In anticipation of an interest rate hike nine months hence, Australians are beginning to look for “who to blame”. However, with monetary policy being tightened, Australia is carefully studying the Canadian model, which underwent the same process several months ago. There, regulation and harsher lending practices eased the trend, as happened in Australia once similar rules were adopted. However, whereas Canada’s current immigration policy is quite welcoming, Australia is playing to its anti-immigration roots whereas Canada’s is a much more welcoming policy. In related news, Australia’s Immigration & Border Protection Department has upgraded Indian student visa applicants, a move that is expected to increase numbers by at least 20%.

Dubai Scamming migrant workers (NationalMultiMedia, 13/11/2017)

61 Thai workers claim they had been lured to work in Dubai under false pretenses. Their wages are being withheld, living conditions are dire, and they are constantly attacked and abused both physically and emotionally. Thai immigration has promised to try helping the workers in their claims.