Immigration News – Thursday November 16, 2017

UK Guarantees Migration for Bankers, Australia Warns New Zealand Against New Guinea Manus-Pact, Canada Invites 2750 in Latest Express Pool, and US-CIS Reverses DACA Request Cut-Off Decision.

UK Guarantees Migration for Bankers (Reuters, 15/11/2017)

Brexit Secretary Dovid Davies has promised financial service providers in the nation’s capital that post-Brexit immigration and residency quotas will not apply to them. Stating that policies will not inhibit the free movement of highly skilled workers throughout the continent, Davis said he was seeking a post-Brexit deal that will “ensure financial stability, consumer protection and honor … (post-2008) global regulatory rules.”

Australia Warns New Zealand Against New Guinea Manus-Pact (Stuff, 16/11/2017)

Australia’s immigration minister, Peter Dutton has acknowledged that any resettlement deal between New Zealand and Papua New Guinea for asylum seekers currently stranded on Manus Island is a decision to be made between two sovereign states. He warned, however, that this may sour relations between the two countries and Australia, since the path that begins for these unwanted individuals (who Australia deems belonging to criminal elements) to New Zealand can then be extended through the back door to Australia.

Canada Invites 2750 in Latest Express Pool (CICNews, 15/11/2017)

Canada’s Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship authorities have opened gates to 2750 Express Entry pool candidates to apply for permanent residency. Candidates with a CRS score above 439 (19 points lower than the previous draw) may now submit their applications. Canada expects to absorb about a million new permanent residents over the next 3 years – a quarter of those through the Express Entry system.

US-CIS Reverses DACA Request Cut-Off Decision (NYTimes, 15/11/2017)

In a welcome surprise, the US Citizenship & Immigration Service has reversed a decision to reject DACA renewal applications they had previously rejected due to late filing due to mailing service delays. Applicants who can prove that they mailed their renewals in a timely manner will be able to resubmit their applications. Out of 132000 applications sent in before the October deadline set by the Trump Administration, 4,000 were rejected due to overdue application. Many were the result of mail service delays or administrative delays that led to applications that HAD arrived on time to be mislaid.