Immigration News – Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving – the holiday of immigrants, rising immigrant applications to the Cayman Islands and the NHS hurting because of Brexit.

Thanksgiving – the holiday of immigrants, (New York Times 11/22/2017)

The USA is a nation of immigrants par excellence. New Americans, especially those from a non-Christian background, often find the transition to their new nationality difficult. Thanksgiving however, is an exception. Its very nature as a day that celebrates inclusiveness, togetherness and family values is something that transcends roots, faith and culture.

Rising immigrant applications to the Cayman Islands (Cayman Compass 11/22/17)

The Cayman Islands isn’t a major immigrant destination but the Island nation’s Immigration Department recently reported that the number of permit applications being handled by its 38 employees has risen. This has led to longer than usual delays in processing requests. 18,847 work permit applications were submitted in the first six months of 2017, roughly the same number submitted during all of 2016. The processing period which used to take about 14 days, is now taking between 8 to 12 weeks.

The NHS hurting because of Brexit (New York Times 11/21/17)

Unfettered immigration from EU countries was one of the major reasons for Brexit. As will be recalled, political promises that EU withdrawal would mean more money for the much loved National Health Service was one of the main reasons for the Brexit vote. Ironically, the NHS is now hurting because of Brexit. Some 122,000 Europeans left Britain in the early part of this year and the stream of immigrants to the UK has slowed down. The NHS has 40,000 nursing vacancies. Kings College London needs an extra 528 nurses and midwives and 318 doctors.