Immigration News – Thursday, November 9, 2017

Australia battles domestic abuse amongst immigrants, Canada to cut number of child immigrants in detention, and Egypt eliminates illegal immigration.

Australia Battles Domestic Abuse Amongst Immigrants (Daily Mail, 8/11/2017)

A new Life IN Australia handbook for immigrants will include specific passages on domestic abuse, based on findings by the State Coroner Michael Barnes and his research team that allege higher rates of such behavior amongst immigrant groups. Earlier, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton began pushing for more stringent rules to the tests taken by immigration applicants, including adaptability parameters.

Canada to Cut Number of Child Immigrants in Detention (RCINet, 8/11/2017)

The Canadian government will begin examining means of keeping families together and children out of immigrant detention centers, in accordance with a ministerial directive issued this week. Proposals include applicants reporting in-person on a regular basis, setting aside performance bonds, and more. Improved medical services and monitoring of detention centers by the Red Cross are also being considered.

Egypt Eliminates Illegal Immigration (DeathRatleSports, 8/11/2017)

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry told a panel on youth migration yesterday that Egypt has completely eliminated illegal maritime migration. The country currently hosts about 5 million immigrants, most of them crossing to Libya in preparation for the life-threatening crossing into Europe. Last year, about 200 migrants died when a boat carrying 600 passengers capsized near the Egyptian coast.