Immigration News Today – Tuesday, January 23

Former Australian PM: Reduce immigration levels (SBS News. 22/1/18)

January 23, 2018

A test devised by a Lebanese immigrant to Canada was used to test used on Trump, a former Australian PM advises his successor to reduce immigration levels and foreigners with ‘AI’ experience flock to Canada

Canadian immigrant test used on Trump (CIC News. 19/1/2018)

A cognitive assessment test created by a Lebanese born Canadian doctor was recently used on Donald Trump to test his cognitive reactions. Ziad Nasreddine settled in Canada as a refugee from the Lebanese civil war. Eventually specializing in Neurology he devised a test for signs of Alzheimer’s disease and 20 other conditions known as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. When the press recently started speculating that Donald Trump was suffering from cognitive problems, his test was used to establish Trump’s cognitive health.

Former Australian PM: Reduce immigration levels (SBS News. 22/1/18)

Former Australian PM has advised his successor to reduce immigration levels. Tony Abbot says that by bringing down immigration, housing prices would come down and it would be easier for Australians to get jobs. This will help the current government win the next elections. In an independent report, 40 detainees held in Australia’s Manus Island detention center, have left Australia for resettlement in the USA

Foreigners with AI experience attracted to Canada. (CIC News. 22/1/18)

Potential immigrants to Canada should take note of, a new information site for Canada’s growing artificial intelligence (AI) industry. The site serves as a directory of AI-focused companies, organizations and research institutes. It also provides information on AI events happening around the country. Last year, the majority of immigrants nominated by Ontario for permanent residency were employed in the Information and Communications Technologies industry.