Get paid to move to rural America, the Canada parents and grandparents sponsorship program to reopen and UK Tier 2 immigration law changes.

Get paid to move to rural America. (mail online. 12/23/2017)

In order to bring young blood to shrinking communities, towns in rural America are offering cash grants, student loan pay offs and free land to entice a younger generation of Americans to move to their communities. Rural America includes 75 percent of the country but only 16 percent of the population. To qualify for the scheme, you must be a resident of the US and finish building the house within 18 months.

UK immigration law changes in 2017. (The South African. 12/25/17)

2017 saw the following changes in UK immigration law:

1. Tier 2 visa applicants have to submit to the UK immigration authorities, criminal record certificates with their application. The criminal record certificate is required from every country in which the applicant.
2. Companies sponsoring Tier 2 migrants have to pay a charge of 1000 GBP.
3. Tier 2 migrants now have a minimum salary threshold of 30,000 GBP
4. Tier 2 high earners salary has bene reduced to 120,000 GBP

Canada: parents and grandparents sponsorship program reopens in January. (CIC NEWS. 12/22/17)

It’s been announced that the Canadian Parents and Grandparents Program will reopen on January 2, 2018. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) said that those wishing to sponsor their parents or grandparents, for them to move to Canada as permanent residents would be able to do so online until February 1, 2018. The IRCC selects potential sponsors at random and invites those selected to sponsor their parents or grandparents. To be eligible, sponsors must be at least 18 years old and be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.