Immigration News – Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Challenge to Australian Visa Regulation Change. US leaves the UN Declaration on Migrants and in the UK doctors call for migrant detention to be discontinued.

Challenge to Australian Visa Regulation Change. (ABC News, 12/05/2017)

As reported on November 28, 2017, Australia visa regulations have been changed with a potentially devastating effect on would be immigrants. Give incorrect, false or misleading information on the visa application and face a ban for 10 years. This move is now being challenged in the Australian Parliament by Greens Senator Nick McKim. It requires a majority vote to be ‘disallowed’.

US leaves UN Declaration on Migrants (ABC News. 12/03/17)

The USA is ‘walking away’ from the United Nations Declaration for Refugees and Migrants which is an attempt by the UN to ease the crisis faced by migrants and refugees all over the world. According to the US, the declaration is “inconsistent” with American immigration policies.

Call for Immigration Removal Centers to be abolished. (The Guardian, 12/04/17)

UK policy is to detain illegal migrants and asylum seekers until their legal situation is determined. After a number of high profile suicides by detained migrants, the British Medical Association is calling for all Immigration Removal Centers to be phased out and replaced with a more humane system of monitoring within the community