Immigration News – Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Immigration News - Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The educational success of immigrants in Canada, the US search for a DACA solution and a report on “purgatory made in Australia”. (January 16, 2018)

The Success of Canada Immigrants ( 15/1/2018)

Good immigration news from Canada. Canadian census data over the last 5 years shows that Canadians originating in Central American countries, the Caribbean and Africa are more successful than native Canadians. According to statistics, forty percent of native born Canadians have secondary level education and 18 percent have a degree. Compare 53 percent of immigrants who have some type of secondary education and 27 percent have a degree.

US search for a DACA solution. (Aol. 15/1/18)

Discussions continue at the highest levels of the US federal government to solve the uncertainty felt by the thousands of DACA immigrants. Trumps says that he wants to solve the problem, but insists it comes together with a wall along the Mexico-US border. In a White House meeting, Trump is accused of making seemingly racist comments about poorer countries. Trump insists that his words were misrepresented.

Purgatory made in Australia. (The Guardian. 15/1/18)

An Australian journalist describes the Manus Island detention center for illegal immigrants as “a purgatory made in Australia”. The journalist attacks the absence of hope felt by the stateless detainees as they shouted “Help us” when they saw him. From a detained Kurdish journalist who fled Iran in search of freedom to another Kurd who left his home country because he wrote poetry he attacks the hell experienced by the imprisoned would be migrants.