Immigration News – Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Build Mexico wall for amnesty of DACA migrants says Trump but Canadian applications surge. In Australia visa requirements tightened for skilled workers.

Build Mexico wall for amnesty of DACA migrants (CNN politics. 12/29/2017)

The Trump administration is demanding that the Democrats agree to funding for the Mexico-USA border wall in return to an agreement on the close to 800,000 DACA participants brought to the US as young undocumented children. Trump wants to deport these DACA migrants as well as abolishing Chain Migration and the “ridiculous” Lottery System of Immigration.

Canadian applications surge after rules relaxed. (CBCnews. 12/28/17)

A rise in applications for Canadian citizenship was seen in 2017 after the government relaxed rules of residency and language requirements. The following are some of the new rules:
• Physical presence in Canada should be three out of five years, rather than four out of six.
• Some of the time spent in Canada before becoming permanent residents will count.
• The age range for the language requirement is now the ages 18 to 54 years.

Australia tightens visa requirements for skilled workers. (perthnow. 1/1/18)

Australia tightens its migration visa requirements. From March 2018, 457 visa holders (skilled occupation visa) will be unable to apply for Permanent Residency if their occupation does not appear in the long and medium term occupation lists. The 457 visa program will be abolished. The new visa program (TSS visa – Temporary Skills Shortage) allows a stay of up to 2 to 4 years.