Immigration News – Wednesday August 23, 2017

Pope urges open borders, Trudeau cracks down on illegal immigration, Sudanese refugees playing hockey, and Samuel Jackson & Magic Johnson slurred as “lazy immigrants”.

Pope Urges Open Borders (The Australian, 23/8/2017)

Pope Francis has called for open borders and alternatives to detention centers for unauthorized immigrants. He believes nations should put the safety of asylum seekers above national security, and believes countries should supply newcomers with health, education and pension facilities. Former Italian Senator Allesandro Meluzzi said the pope was welcome to distribute as many passports as he wished to people who wish to live in Vatican City, which is a sovereign state. In January, the Church will hold a World Day for Immigrants & Refugees.

Trudeau Cracks Down on Illegal Immigration (National Review, 22/8/2017)

The Canadian PM announced yesterday that it will no longer ignore illegal immigration, as numbers of illegal crossings have increased alarmingly in recent months due to aggressive US policies. The attitude marks a pointed departure from earlier comments that Canada welcomes all. Canada’s immigration policies are amongst the most rigorous in the world, based on a merit system that requires English/French fluency and professional skills.

South Sudan Refugees Play Hockey for Northern Ireland (Belfast Telegraph, 21/8/2017)

Besides donating sports kits to children in refugee camps, CMS Ireland is reminding the world of a less-reported calamity that still rages in South Sudan, which has already generated over a million refugees. 60,000 of them are currently interred at the Bidi Bidi camp in Uganda, to which a shipment of hockey gear is serving to bring factions together.

Samuel Jackson & Magic Johnson Slurred as Lazy Immigrants in Italy (Business Insider, 22/8/2017)

Acclaimed Hollywood actor and former Lakers giant Magic Johnson posted a Twitter photo of themselves relaxing while shopping in Tuscany, Italy last week. The image went viral, and many Italians, who didn’t realize who the two were, added virulent remarks about the two “lazy immigrants”. One Italian model spread the image on her account, stating that the two were misusing their daily €35 allowance.