Immigration News – Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Illegal immigrants in the US go underground, but who are the victims?. Immigration boosts Australian economy and in UK, new flexibility for foreign students

Illegal immigrants in US go underground, but there are victims (Independent. 12/27/2017)

A year into the Trump presidency and the painful side effects of his crackdown on immigration are being felt. The new detention directives have created an atmosphere of fear amongst illegal immigrants, driving them deep underground. The primary victims of this fear are the sick who cannot get urgent medical treatment, or alternatively, aren’t taken by their relatives to get treatment for fear of being detained and deported.

Migration is good for Australian economy. (The Australian. 12/27/17)

The London based Centre for Economics and Business Research has forecast that Australia will become the world’s 11th biggest economy within a decade. The report notes that Australia is one of the most popular countries for immigrants. The policy of attracting migrants with highly sought after skills, are helping fuel its growth.

New UK flexibility for foreign students. (The Economic Times. 12/27/17)

New rules set to come into effect in the UK on 11 January 2018 will give international students more flexibility to switch their visas from Student visa to work visa. The new rules specify that foreign students will be allowed to switch to a Tier-2 (skilled worker) visa as soon as they complete their studies. Currently, students have to wait until they actually have a degree in order to switch visa.