Immigration News – Wendesday, November 22, 2017

Australia exploits foreign workers, Canada must cease immigration discrimination, Trump to oust 60,000 refugees, and Hammond: UK workers with benefit from Brexit.

Australia Exploits Foreign Workers (Asian Correspondent, 22/11/2017)

The Migrant Worker Justice Initiative, University of New South Wales and the University of Technology Sydney have published a survey showing that 30% of foreign students and backpackers working in Australia are paid half the minimum wage. The 4,322-strong poll of temporary migrants from 107 countries describes criminal forced labor conditions and demands they pay upfront deposits or entrust passports to employers to ensure they remain. Additionally, the report found that workers from China, Taiwan and Vietnam are paid less than those from North America, Ireland and the UK.

Canada Must Cease Immigration Discrimination (Global News, 21/11/2017)

An advocacy group is demanding Canada cease discriminating against people with disabilities when judging immigration applications. Canadian law includes provisions for “medical inadmissibility” and “excessive demand” for labelling those who may over-burden Canada’s publicly funded health and social services. Minister Ahmed Hussen has previously described the policy as “outdated” and “out of step” with Canadian values.

Trump to Oust 60,000 Refugees (Vanity Fair, 21/11/2017)

60,000 Haitians who arrived in the US following the 2010 earthquake that devastated their homes will have to leave before July 2019, following the termination of a humanitarian program initiated by President G.H.W. Bush by Pres. Trump. Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke told reporters that the conditions in Haiti no longer warrant protection, since the number of displaced persons in Haiti has halved since 2010.

Hammond: UK Workers with Benefit From Brexit (Telegraph, 21/11/2017)

Chancellor for the Exchequer Phillip Hammond is expected to tell the House of Commons today that cheap labor from the EU has stifled wage growth in the UK, and that the UK must seize Brexit opportunities “head on”. Meanwhile, the first Syrian refugee families selected by the UNHCR from amongst refugees currently in Turkish, Lebanese and Jordanian camps have begun arriving at London’s Waltham Forest borough.