Student Visas

Enriching their cultural experience and yours

Whether you’re about to embark on the first adventure of your life or to upgrade your professional skills, studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences you are likely to encounter. Hunting for those first kitchen utensils, meeting people from all over the world, struggling with a bureaucracy that is alien to the one you spent so many years getting used to… Clearly, your curriculum is only half the story.

Once again, different countries have different requirements for accepting students from abroad; what they all have in common is that you must first enroll and be accepted into a study program. The UK’s Tier 4 student visa requires you muster language requirements and can support yourself. It applies only to full-time academic degree studies at a university that conforms with the government’s Tier 4 Sponsor List. Canada will issue a Study Permit; however, if your course lasts less than 6 months, the permit is not required. The full-time study permit also enables students to work part time on campus.

Australia last year introduced a simplified online application procedure for its Subclass 500 Student Visa, which also covers vocational education and training and other non-award courses. Following your studies, you may apply for a Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa to gain professional experience. Students may also apply for a Guardian visa (590) if the student is under 18.

The US provides three different kinds of student visas – the M1, which does not enable the student to seek employment, the J1, which is

for practical training and allows one to work, and the F1 visa – the most common – which permits students to work up to 20 weekly hours on campus and for up to a year after completing their studies in a course-related profession for the purposes of practical training.

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