United States

Still a home for the brave

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” (Emma Lazarus)

A lot has changed since the first immigrants landed on the shores of the New World in the 15th Century; a lot has changed since Ellis Island became the gateway for non-ending rows of Europeans embarking on an adventure that would take them through wilderness and slums to untold wealth and success.

The age-old image of the American Dream lingers on in popular imagination. It is perhaps the most sought-for immigration destination for people in search of freedom and safety on the one hand and a better quality of life on the other. At a million immigrants each year – the United States is still the world’s largest melting pot, still welcoming the tired, the poor and the huddled masses, and still offering those who can “make it” the opportunity of a lifetime. The size of the United States, from the fantasy world of Hollywood on the Pacific Coast to the glittering skyline of Manhattan, continues to be a magnet for immigrants.

America Today

The US ranks fifth in the list of most productive countries, with a GDP of $68.3 per hour worked. The Average work week is 33.6 hours. The most populous States are California, Texas and New York. New York City is the most populous city followed by Los Angeles and Chicago. As far as immigrants are concerned, some American cities have been enacting immigrant friendly policies. San Francisco is thought to be the most immigrant friendly city, followed by Chicago and New York City. Statistics show however, that the 15 fastest growing cities are in the Southern States –Texas, South Carolina, Oregon, Arizona and Florida.


There is no one uniform climate in the US. Immigrants can choose between States such as Florida, Texas and California which are warm even in winter to northern such as Alaska, Minnesota and New Hampshire. The size of the country is such that immigrants can even handpick the weather they prefer.