Work Permits

Permission to work - permission to live.

Work permits allow people to work, usually in a foreign country. In some, a work visa incorporates the permit; in others, it is a completely separate entity – such as that provided by a union.

Specific visas that allow the traveler to work are usually granted subject to a pre-existing job offer.

The US does not require a work permit for adults; nor does it permit aliens to work. In some cases, an Employment Authorization Document will be provided by the Citizen & Authorization department of Homeland Security; but in general, anyone with a Green Card and a Social Security number can seek employment. Some kinds of visa allow for limited employment, such as the F-1 student visa that allows foreign students to work up to 20 weekly hours on campus or gain a year’s worth of professional training after the completion of one’s degree. But anyone found working without authorization will be subject to immediate deportation withut the ability to ever return to US shores.

In the UK in the past, 7 different kinds of work permits were issued alongside one’s visa: Business & Commercial, Training & Work Experience, Sports people & Entertainers, Student Internships, GATS, the Ancestry Visa, and the Sectors Scheme. Today, one may either apply for a Tier-1 Exceptional Talent visa or a Tier-2 work visa, which itself has 4 categories: general, religion, sports/entertainment, and inter-company, which is subdivided into established staff, trainee and skills transfer. Tier 5 is also for temporary workers – seasonal and working holidays (youth mobility, charity employees, au pairs, etc.). Above all that, there is a points scoring system.

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